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The Classic Collection

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Treat yourself or others with the gift of Max's original 4 Flavors. Ranging from mild to extra spicy, all levels of tolerance can find their own perfect sauce. And offering specialty flavors you can't find anywhere else, you'll never want to go back to any other boring sauce. 

The Classic Collection
All 4 of the classic Max’s Flavors


The Original- Heat 3/5

Description: A Garlic Habanero with hints of onion and carrots, perfect to add a flavorful explosion to any dish.

Jalapeño- Heat 2/5

Description: A sharper bright flavor with hints of lime perfect to accompany anything from eggs to pork.

Chipotle- Heat 3/5

Description: A unique sweet & smoky flavor with hints of onion and carrots, perfect for beef or an even cooking.

Carolina Reaper- Heat 5/5

Description: An extreme blast of heat with a slightly fruity hint, this sauce works best in enhancing dishes.

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Regular vinegar based hot sauces are watered down and use poor quality ingredients to cut down the price. Our sauces use only the finest ingredients in quantities you can actually taste.

No it isn't necessary, but doesn't hurt.

Send us an email at with a picture of the package and your order number. Then we will ship out a replacement ASAP!


Jalapeno 2/5

Mango Habanero 2/5

The Original 3/5

Chipotle 3/5

Carolina Reaper 5/5

Yes each order comes in it's own box, perfect for gifting!

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